byBRICK&MORTAR fashion photography and fashion styling based in Vienna, have been creating fashion editorials, look-books, campaigns and social media content since 2014. The collaborations between the photographer (Anastasia) and fashion stylist (Sweta) are of timeless quality. The photographs are distinct, minimalist and instantly recognisable.

Since both were born in different parts of the former Soviet Union and then emigrated into Europe, both influences Eastern and Western are therefore at hand in each step of their creative work. The unique view at what is and can be beautiful is what gives their photographs the distinguishable stamp.

What can byBRICK&MORTAR offer you?

If you are looking for instantly recognisable, sleek and powerful yet understated fashion photographs then get in touch via our CONTACT page. byBRICK&MORTAR travel nationally and internationally for fashion shoots and can organise the fashion shoot from inception through to delivering you high quality, edited fashion photographs.